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Have you ever had to deal with a lot of images in your WordPress blog or site? You go through all the trouble of editing your images and upload it to your WordPress site, without noticing that it is a huge filesize? It has happened to me and it is annoying to say the least.

If your image does fit under the upload cap, and finally gets finished, it will still usually load slowly on your site if the file is huge. This creates a problem for you and your visitors, because it provides a bad user experience and makes things take forever. Not the best you could have, but you for sure don’t want to edit the image and reupload, then add it to your post again, right?

Well, there is a great solution already built right into WordPress for you that you can use and you won’t have to reupload at all.

There is a little known feature of WordPress, that you can resize your images inside WordPress without using an external photo editor. There are other editing features in WordPress as well. When you’re done the image will be the perfect size to put in a blog post.

You can always revert back to the original image if you need to, which is also built right into WordPress. This makes this very easy to do without having to load up Photoshop or Pixlr and reupload.

This makes it far easier to quickly get through a ton of photo resize edits on your own without having to do all that work again. I find it to be extremely handy to use the editor.

The photo editor was added in WordPress 3.1.3 and has been very useful ever since. Other things you can do with the photo editor include rotating a photo, flipping it left to right (which can be helpful to add a little flavor to your blog or site.

You can also crop your photo by simply selecting part of the image with a click and drag over the image. It works really well, and it seems like the WordPress team put a lot of thought into this feature. It is one of the things I probably use the most to get the media I need for my posts.

One thing to be aware of is that you can apply the edits you make to all thumbnails, or just the specific size you’re looking at, which can be a massive time saver.

If you haven’t tried out the photo editor in WordPress, I suggest you go into the Media tab in your admin and try it out on a photo you have in the library. You won’t be disappointed.

More info on this feature from WordPress.com here: Image Editing
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