Best WordPress Anti Spam Plugins

Stop Spam

Stop Spam

This is “must have” WordPress anti-spam plugins. They’ll help you a lot. The one I like the most is the first one in the list.

Here we go:

1. Akismet
Akismet – a very popular plugin which comes by default with WordPress. To use it, you need to signup for a WordPress acount and get an API key for your website.

2. Cookies for Comments
Cookies for Comments – Sets a cookie that must exist for a comment to be allowed.

3. WP-SpamFree
WP-SpamFree – The WP-SpamFree plugin for WordPress seems to be much better than Akismet at blocking spam bots.

4. Spam Karma 2
Spam Karma 2 – This one assigns a karma score based on multiple factors like the age of the post, the email, if there’s a link inside, etc, etc.

5. Bad Behavior
Bad Behavior – though mainly used as a comment spam protection plugin has reliable security features too.

6. Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin
Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin – This plugin does not require JavaScript or cookies. It uses a special encryption function; the result of the question is being passed via a hidden field. The result is being compared with the value entered by the visitor – after encrypring this value as well.

Well, I think this tools are enough to keep you away from spam comments. Test them and use the one(s) you like the most.

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