Why You Should Be Using WordPress on Your Website

If you do not have a blog, then you should. With a blog you can encourage user interaction, start conversations, ask questions, post content, and much, much more. Also, search engines love blogs, and therefore blogs can rank more highly than similar websites. You have probably noticed that you come across many blogs during your searches, so you should know that I am not lying.

You may have noticed that I tend to love WordPress blogs. In fact, what you are looking at right now is a WordPress blog that I have put onto my website. You may have also noticed that I have created WordPress themes that you can use for free.

Why do I like WordPress so much? Well, here are a few of the reasons that I absolutely love WordPress blogs and why I think everyone should be using them:

1. Anyone Can Use It

Anyone can add a WordPress blog to their site either using Fantastico or through WordPress.org. This means that anyone can add a WordPress blog to their website, or make their website a WordPress blog. It is also free, which means you can have a great blog set up on your website in no time!

2. It is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress blogs are designed in a way that is friendly for search engines. This means that your blog will get indexed quickly and rank highly with little effort on your part. You can also get plugins that can enable you to really set up your posts and pages so that they easily rank in the search engines.

3. You Can Choose From Thousands of Themes

With WordPress you can choose from thousands upon thousands of themes so your blog will look like whatever you want it to. You can even get themes that look like normal websites, but still have all the benefits of a WordPress blog.

4. No HTML Required

If you have no knowledge of HTML, it doesn’t matter with Worpress. At times it can be helpful, but HTML is not needed to have a fully operable WordPress blog.

5. Thousands of Plugins & Widgets

Probably one of the best parts of WordPress is that you can use thousands of plugins and widgets so that you can automate many processes including SEO, and you can add many cool features such as polls, surveys, language translators, and basically anything you can think of to your blog!

These are just 5 of the reasons you should be using WordPress blogs. If you are not already using one, you should seriously look into it right away. WordPress is an amazing tool that if you aren’t using, you are missing out.

To Your Success,

Shawn Horwood

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