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WordPress 2.8 Baker

WordPress officially released the new version of stand-alone blog software. WordPress 2.8 is name Baker and fixed over 790 bugs. Below is a small video about the latest WordPress release. Highlights New drag-and-drop widgets admin interface and new widgets API … Continue reading

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Add Google Analytics to WordPress

So much has changed in the way business is done and viewed of since the internet and numerous internet-based technologies were introduced. And a fact is that a lot of entrepreneurs and marketers are doing very well with the help … Continue reading

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Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers & Designers

Web Developer – Add a Web Developer toolbar of various web development tools with web developer extension. This extension add a toolbar with various web development tools like css, cookies, images, forms. IE Tab – Designers and developers can view … Continue reading

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Moving Your WordPress Blog to a New Directory

Back up all the files from you old blog directory. Copy them to your new location. Go to the Settings General and change the location of the blog (‘WordPress address (URI):’ and ‘Blog address (URI):’). If you move wordpress from … Continue reading

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How to enable Google Gears in WordPress 2.7

Prior to 2.7 a “Turbo” button at the right top corner of the admin dashboard. Just click that and if you had Gears installed you were good to go. In WordPress 2.7 the “Turbo” button has been removed. To enable … Continue reading

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New WordPress 2.7 Coltrane

As a long time WordPress user, I am happy to see the release of version 2.7. Mark Jaquith, wrote in his blog: Without a doubt, my favorite new feature is comment moderation keyboard shortcuts. It has bothered me for a … Continue reading

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WordPress <= 2.6.3 XSS Vulnerability

Due to what we consider a critical and an exploitable vulnerability in the RSS subsystem in WordPress 2.6.3 and below, WordPress has released a fix, and moved to version 2.6.5. The links to the new version and other information are … Continue reading

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Vote: WordPress 2.7: Project Icon

Ready? Go and take the icon survey. Voting will remain open for 48 hours from the time of this post to allow people from all time zones a chance to participate before we close the survey and make a decision … Continue reading

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What is a WordPress Blog and Should You Use WordPress?

If you are interested in blogging, you will eventually run across the name WordPress. WordPress is a very popular blogging application for many reasons, and the serious bloggers tend to go with WordPress. WordPress is powerful software not only because … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.6.2 Snoopy Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the Snoopy library was announced today.  WordPress uses Snoopy to fetch the feeds shown in the Dashboard.   Although this seems to be a low risk vulnerability for WordPress users, we wanted to get an update out immediately.  … Continue reading

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